Ms. McDonough is a partner at Kraw Law Group and specializes in the representation of multiemployer benefit funds. She counsels benefit plans on all aspects of law, including mergers, plan design, regulatory compliance, financial and legal issues relating to plan investments, and litigation matters.

Ms. McDonough has special expertise in complex withdrawal liability collection matters and representation of plans in Internal Revenue Service and Department of Labor investigations, and has represented numerous clients in such matters. Ms. McDonough is a contributing author to the Withdrawal liability chapter of the American Bar AssociationEmployee Benefits Law treatise and has also authored articles in the National Law Journal and the New Jersey Law Journal. Ms. McDonough graduated Cum Laude from the Washington College of Law, American University.

Prior to Joining the Kraw Law Group, Ms. McDonough was an associate at the Washington, D.C. law firm of Baptiste & Wilder, P.C. where she represented International and local unions before boards of arbitration and federal district and appellate courts.

SpecialityEmployee Benefits

Degreesgraduated Cum Laude from the Washington College of Law, American University

Office Northern California Office